About Us

Powder Keg History
The Powder Keg was established in 1972, by Harold & Charlene Helland. Harold first
came to Fairview to teach school. He taught for ten years and then decided to open  
a pizza place called The Powder Keg. The name might suggest the business could
blow up into a success, ... or failure; the latter was expected.

It took almost a year to put up the building and finish the inside. Family & friends
helped  Sheetrock, panel, tile, paint, etc. so the business could open. Over the past
years, generations of loyal customers have been served. Harold & Charlene  retired
in 1994, and their son Clayton has taken over.

Our customers have supported us well over the years, and we strive to serve the
best food we can,
always keeping quality in mind.

Our exclusive dough is made using ten different ingredients, and our pizza sauce is
made from “fresh” tomato products and our own blend of herbs & spices. Much of
what we offer we prepare ourselves: Dough, Pizza Sauce, some Salad Dressings,
unique Chicken & Gizzard coatings, our own Country Sausage, Taco Meat, Fajita
Chicken, Chicken Strips, and our Hamburgers are made by hand from fresh Ground
Beef. You get what you pay for; generous portions and quality ingredients prepared

We hope you enjoy your meal. If you are not satisfied, we will make it right with you.
We know you are the reason for our success!
                                                               Thank You!

How long will it take?
Because all food selections are made when ordered, and each pizza ordered is
made fresh and then baked for 15 minutes, you can expect your order to take at
least 25 minutes . When we’re busy, this can mean a longer wait. We thank you for
your patience and understanding!
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